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Be the go-to for Business Digitalization & Transformation.

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Business Solutions

Effective cloud-based and cut-cost-solutions to run your business. Digitalize your business processes with our SAAS ecosystem smart services. Our digitalization products are modular and seamlessly integrates with other applications. Remove or add services to fit your personal needs - operations, size and complexity / simplicity requirements. Experience smooth business process integration, cutting-edge digitalization, data-driven analysis & actions as well as utmost mobility for your business and your employees.

The Ecosystem

All our applications are capable of running as standalone apps and are also designed to seamlessly integrate with each other. You can custom choose the apps you need to automate or utilize, paying only for the service that add value to your business. Imagine subscribing to MyProcess after having subscribed to MyICS. Processes configured in MyPocess are now available for usage in MyICS. The MyOrder, an order management workflow app, would automatically post orders to PayMe and PayMe, being a Purchase Payable sub-ledger module, would automatically post entries to MyGL. The CRM integrates with the client master data. All these integrations are performed whenever possible and in full automation. This allows you to focus time and costs to the core functions of your business.

Insights and Actions

Proper key performance indicators and dashboarding are provided based on organizational levels, from reports that ease the decision-making process of C-Level to Task Management KPIs to support the controls performer, the person responsible for a process activity or the bookkeeper. Our system is built to ensures that data is collected, analyzed and aggregated depending on varied user requirements in your organization. Through the implementation of workflows, task management and escalation processes, proper, effective and decisive actions can be taken. Responsibilities can be assigned and monitored. Automated controls throughout the system generate Tasks whenever risks arise, such as the violation of authorization principles. Tasks are also generated by so-called actionable items from your Apps, such as a reminder for performing tasks on the monthly closing or to perform specific controls. Become truly a data-driven organization and be the owner of your data.


Generated Action Items can be worked on by your own staff or sent to our TalentPool. We invite you to collaborate with our pool of qualified accountants, auditors, and finance experts. Take advantage of our integrated talent pool marketplace. Engage registered and qualified freelancers to run your digitalization products on our servers as part of our SAAS Portfolio or for your own business requirements. Our TalentPool experts specialize in Business Processes, Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Reporting, Governance and Compliance.

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